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Air Duct Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning Virginia Beach

Benchmark Is A Leader in Virginia Beach Duct Cleaning

Your air duct work functions as the respiratory system of your home. Once it becomes dirty and congested it must be cleaned, and in some cases sanitized, so it can breathe normally and efficiently once again.

Even with the clean ocean air of Virginia Beach, Allergens and pollutants can become trapped in your air duct. As a result, these particles and debris can be distributed throughout your environment when the HVAC system is turned on. Especially if one of your family members suffers from allergies it is important to have your air duct cleaned to prevent the HVAC system from triggering allergy attacks.

Our Air Duct Cleaning is the answer to these problems

Several Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

You Want To Breathe Fresh Indoor Air
You Just Moved into a New or Used House
You Just Built a New House
You Want Less particles and debris in Your Environment.
You Want to Save Money on Utilities
You Just Had Some Remodeling Done
It’s Fall and Your Turning On The Heat
It’s Spring – ( Spring Cleaning )
You Have Just Welcomed a New Addition To The Family

Benefits Include:

  1. Breathing Fresher Indoor Air
  2. Less Dusting
  3. Saving Money On Electric Bills
  4. Less Wear and Tear on Your Homes Furnace


AirductThe heating and air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive components of the home. You expect your investment in that unit to last a long time. Most  heating and air conditioning processes are reliable and efficient, but dirt and other accumulations in the unit can shorten it’s life.  The reality is that 9 out of 10 heating and air conditioning failures are caused by particles and dirt.

You can prevent premature failure and extend life of these units by regular professional cleaning of the entire system, including all duct work.

Some indications that you may have a problem with your air duct system can include:

  • The air return grilles in your walls have a black fuzz of dust along the vanes
  • A layer of dirt returns a few hours after you’ve dusted thoroughly
  • The filters in your HVAC have black particles on them
  • Dry and stuffy air throughout your house or office
  • Higher than normal utility bills due to poor heated air transfer
  • Heat registers on the floor have dirt and dust in them
  • Sneezing more frequently, especially after air starts to flow
  • More frequent cases of attacks in anyone with asthma


How we do it:

At Benchmark we use the Ram Air system for duct cleaning. It is the most effective process to date, as well as being the first one ever created that allows the homeowner to actually see all of the dust and debris that is being removed from the duct work with the clear viewing port.

The duct cleaning process with Ram Air allows for state-of-the-art forced air duct cleaning with no mess or debris and it won’t harm duct surfaces.

Call Benchmark in Virginia Beach today to make sure you are on the right track to fresh air with our air duct cleaning process! Our headquarters is in Virginia Beach but we service all of Hampton Roads.

The Benchmark Air Duct Cleaning Process – Fast, Visual, Effective

Available in: Norfolk – Virginia Beach – Portsmouth – Suffolk – Hampton – Newport News – Williamsburg

 Topic: Air Duct Cleaning Virginia Beach

Topic: Air Duct Cleaning